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A lightweight offline-capable web survey application that is compatible with JavaRosa/OpenRosa XForm-derived format and compliant servers.
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Enketo Smart Paper Build Status devDependency Status

This App is no longer being actively developed. It will soon be replaced by Enketo-Express.

Enketo Smart Paper runs next generation web forms that were built according to the open-source OpenRosa XForm format. This is the advanced and popular form format used by ODK, Formhub and CommCare.

This repository is a PHP-wrapper around Enketo Core that adds the ability to launch offline and persistently store data offline in the browser. It also provides the communication with OpenRosa compliant servers such as ODK Aggregate, KoBoToolbox(, Ona, and Formhub. The OpenRosa APIs are described here.

Enketo is built into [many tools]. Read more at and follow the latest news about enketo on our blog and on twitter @enketo.

Related Projects

API Documentation

Enketo integration with ODK Collect, formhub, Ona, KoboToolbox etc is done via Enketo's API. See the API documentation.

Browser support

  • IE is only supported from version 10 onwards (older versions do not support the required technologies). For performance reasons, we cannot recommend this browser though (it has no native XPath Evaluator)
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari for both desktop and mobile devices are supported. Chrome is recommended at the moment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install this thing?

Don't. Install Enketo-express instead or use one of the many services that have Enketo built in.

Why are file-upload inputs greyed out and not usable?

File uploads are only experimentially supported on Chrome (except on iOS) and Opera desktop. It uses the still experimental FileSytem API to ensure that Enketo forms work offline. If file uploads (images/sound/video) are important, Enketo Express or ODK Collect may be a better option.

Why is form authentication and the Grid Theme not working on my own installation?

They were proprietary until recently. They will be added soon (in Jan 2015).


  • Code contributions for all Enketo libraries except enketo-legacy are very welcome
  • Issue Tracker. Note that since development has stopped, most issue will be marked as 'wontfix'


The development of this app and enketo-core is sponsored by:

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