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Low level Haskell bindings for SFML 2.x
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Low level Haskell bindings for SFML 2.x

What's been wrapped:

  • Window module
  • System module
  • Graphics module
  • Audio module

What's been left out:

  • Threading and networking, since Haskell has better alternatives

What's been tested:

  • Window module, partially
  • System module, all but vectors
  • Graphics module, partially
  • Audio module, partially

Where it's been tested:

  • Arch Linux 32-bit
  • Ubuntu Linux 32-bit
  • Windows 7 32-bit

Installation (brief)

  • Download latest CSFML 2.x
  • Make sure your compiler can find CSFML's headers and libraries, then run:
$ git clone
$ cd SFML
$ cabal install

For detailed installation instructions, please head to the wiki.

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