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@zuntrax zuntrax released this Jun 27, 2019 · 58 commits to master since this release

Screenshot of openage on Win10-x64


This is more of a tech demo than a playable game. Expect all kinds of breakage. YOLO.
Please give feedback for potential problems in our Matrix channel or on reddit.
If you want to support our development, you can do that on


So much progress..


  • Event-driven gamestate preparations
  • Link to nyan library
  • New renderer implementation (partial)
  • Convert African Kingdoms data (up to HD version 4.3)
  • Cache files for asset loading
  • Modding API specification (v0.2)
  • Out-of-source tree builds
  • Windows MSVC builds and Windows 64-Bit installer

Visible changes

  • Scrolling only when windows is in focus
  • Middle part of the lower UI
  • Pop space (old gamestate)
  • Market resource prices (old gamestate)
  • Building costs and resource amounts (old gamestate)


  1. Download and check hash
  2. Install
  3. Set a new environment variable AGE2DIR to the path of your Age2-directory. You could also add that in the openage.bat-file, if you like.
    NOTE: We support Age2-Versions until HD4.3 and old AoC 1.0c, if you have the last Steam-Version read below.
  4. Double-click openage.bat
  5. Wait for the conversion of the assets
  6. Enjoy

How to set AoE2HD to Version 4.3

  1. Make a backup of your existing Age2HD-folder
    NOTE: Standard path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD
  2. Open Steam library
  3. Right-click on "Age of Empires II: HD Edition" and click on Properties
  4. Go to Betas
  5. Choose Patch43
  6. Close the window and wait for the download to finish
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