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Sms Alert Php library for sending transactional/promotional SMS, through your custom code. Easy to integrate, you just need to write 2 lines of code to send SMS.

Paramerer Details

  • apikey : Api Key(This key is unique for every user, you can obtain it from your smsalert account

  • number : single or multiple 10 digit mobile numbers (seperated by comma)

  • message : Message Content to be sent

  • senderid : Receiver will see this as sender's ID (six chars)

  • route : route name, allocated to your account(see API builder for exact value or contact support team).


//include Class file


//create object and pass arguments

$smsalert= new Smsalert("apikey","senderid","route");//change all 3 parameter values here

//Send Singal Number

$result = $smsalert->send("9999xxxxxx","Test Message");

//Send Multiple Number

$result = $smsalert->send("9999xxxxxx,9998xxxxxx","Test Message");


Email : Phone : 080-1055-1055