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Robot Scouter

Easy, efficient, and collaborative FIRST robot scouting

Get it on Google Play

Robot Scouter is an open-source Android app with three core goals: to make FIRST competition robot scouting easy, efficient, and collaborative.


Table of Contents



  • Full offline support 📡
  • No setup required (i.e. no databases)
  • Customizable scouting templates
  • Advanced export capabilities
  • Integration with The Blue Alliance

Scouting 📃

  • Simple yet powerful collaboration both within and between teams 🔗
  • Multiple people can scout the same team, different teams, or go solo on Android N and use split screen mode to scout several teams at once 😎
  • Numerous metrics to choose from:
    • Header (title) 🔖
    • Checkbox (true/false)
    • Stopwatch (for keeping track of cycle time) ⏱️
    • Counter (numerical) 🔢
    • Item selector (list) 📝
    • Notes (textual) 📜

Templates 📋

  • Fully customizable and independent from each year's game
  • Defaults are provided for the current year's game

Exporting 📊

  • Advanced spreadsheet exporting:
    • Statistics and charts are automatically generated for each team
    • A global average sheet is included to compare teams against each other
    • Fancy formatting on devices with Android Lollipop (API 21) and above
  • PSA: Excel spreadsheets can easily be converted to Google Sheets
  • JSON exports are also supported for custom analysis (e.g. in Tableau)

Contributing 💗

Want to add features, fix bugs, or just poke around the code? No problem! Just make sure to read the contribution guidelines before getting in too deep.

If you know another language, please help translate Robot Scouter!

Updating templates ⬆️

Anyone can do it! Simply follow the instructions throughout the file and send a pull request with your changes.

Learning 📚

Environment setup 💻

  1. Run ./gradlew setup
  2. If you are working with Firestore or need access to other Firebase technologies, create your own Firebase project and replace the dummy google-services.json with the one created in your Firebase project
  3. Run ./gradlew presubmit to make sure the CI build will pass
  4. That's it! 🚀

Psst... 🤐

If you want to get the latest build from master, you can join the alpha testers group and the beta.