Authorization service and frontend for Docker registry (v2)
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Portus is an authorization server and a user interface for the next generation of the Docker registry. Portus targets version 2 of the Docker Registry API. The minimum required version of Registry is 2.1, which is the first version supporting soft deletes of blobs.

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Fine-grained control of permissions

Portus supports the concept of users and teams. Users have their own personal Docker namespace where they have both read (aka docker pull) and write (aka docker push) access. A team is a group of users that have read and write access to a certain namespace. You can read more about this in our documentation page about it.

Portus implements the token based authentication system described by the new version of the Docker registry. This can be used to have full control over the images served by an instance of the Docker registry.

Web interface for Docker registry

Portus provides quick access to all the images available on your private instance of Docker registry. User's privileges are taken into account to make sure private images (the ones requiring special rights also for docker pull) are not shown to unauthorized personnel.


Portus allows you to host everything on your servers, on your own infrastructure. You don't have to trust a third-party service, just own everything yourself. Take a look at our documentation to read the different setups in which you can deploy Portus.

And more!

Some highlights:

Take a tour by our documentation site to read more about this.

Supported versions

Docker technologies have a fast iteration pace. This is a good thing, but it comes with some challenges. As requested by some of our users, the following table shows which versions of Docker and Docker Distribution are supported by each Portus version:

Portus Docker Engine Docker Distribution
master 1.6+ 2.0+
2.1 1.6+ 2.0+
2.0.0 & 2.0.1 1.6 to 1.9 2.0 to 2.2
2.0.2 1.6 to 1.9 2.0 to 2.4
2.0.3+ 1.6+ 2.0 to 2.4

Let's detail some of the version being specified:

  • Docker Engine 1.6 is the first version supported by Docker Distribution 2. Therefore, this requirement is also the same for Portus.
  • As of Docker 1.10, the Manifest Version 2, Schema 2 is the one being used. This is only supported by Portus in the master branch and in 2.0.3.
  • Docker Distribution 2.3 supports both Manifest versions, but some changes had to be made in order to offer backwards compatibility. This is not supported neither for Portus 2.0.0 nor 2.0.1.


In this video you can get an overview of some of the features and capabilities of Portus.



First of all, make sure that you have a working development environment. You can easily do this with either Docker or Vagrant, as it's explained on the wiki. The wiki also has notable pages like How we test Portus.

Also, make sure to understand our contribution guidelines, as explained in this document.

Happy hacking!


Portus is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for the full license text.