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Adopt Ruff⚡ in your repo faster 😎

A tool for finding Ruff rules that are not yet configured, and can be added to your repository easily:

  • Rules your code already follows 👏
  • Rules that can be automatically fixed by Ruff 🪄
  • Rules violated in the repository, sorted by ascending violation count 🔎

The output is a markdown report, easy to check as a Github action summary and CSV files with relevant Rule information per category.

See example at the bottom of this page


To decide whether to consider a rule, adopt-ruff uses arguments. See below on how to configure them.

  • Ruff considers some new or experimental rules in preview. These should be used with caution. You can choose whether adopt-ruff considers them or not. Read more about Ruff's preview here.
  • Ruff supports many autofixable rules - some are always autofixable, and some can only be autofixed by Ruff in specific cases. It's up to you whether to consider "sometimes-autofixable" as autofixable.


As a Github action (recommended)

Create a yaml file under .github/workspaces in your repo, with the following content:

name: Adopt Ruff
on: workflow_dispatch

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - name: Check out repository code
        uses: actions/checkout@v4
      - name: Set up python
        id: setup-python
        uses: actions/setup-python@v5
          python-version: 3.x
      - name: Install ruff 
        run: pip install ruff

      - name: Run the adopt-ruff action
        uses: ScDor/adopt-ruff@master

Now, manually trigger the workflow from the Actions panel of your repository.
Learn more about manually triggering a workflow here.

When the action is done running, head to the job summary to watch the report.

The output tables are also availalbe as CSV files, under Artifacts.

Re-run this action to get insights about applicable rules when Ruff updates with more exciting rules ⚡


  • This flow always installs Ruff's latest version. If your project already has Ruff as a dependency (i.e. in pyproject.toml or requirements.txt), replace the Install ruff step with an appropriate command.

  • adopt-ruff calls Ruff, assuming it's installed in the environment. adopt-ruff will fail if ruff is not found.


To pass arguments different than the default, use the with key. The values mentioned below are the default. Omit any argument to use the default.

      - name: Run the adopt-ruff action
        uses: ScDor/adopt-ruff@master
            path: "."
            repo-name: "" # won't show in report if blank
            config-file-path: "" # will be searched in `path` if empty
            include-preview: True
            include-sometimes-fixable: False


Install by running pip install git+
Run adopt-ruff --help for more information.\


  • --path: directory adopt-ruff will search for ruff violations.
  • --ruff-conf-path: Path to the pyproject.toml ,ruff.toml or .ruff.toml. When not provided, adopt-ruff will attempt to seach one of those under path.
  • --sometimes-fixable: whether to consider sometimes-fixable rules as fixable.
  • --preview/--no-preview: whether to include preview rules.
  • --repo-name: Will be shown in the output. When not provided, won't be shown.

Report Example

adopt-ruff report for ScDor/my-dummy-repo (ruff 0.1.13)

Respected Ruff rules

374 Ruff rules are already respected in the repo - they can be added right away 🚀

Code Name Fixable Preview Linter
A003 builtin-attribute-shadowing No False flake8-builtins
AIR001 airflow-variable-name-task-id-mismatch No False Airflow
ASYNC100 blocking-http-call-in-async-function No False flake8-async
ASYNC101 open-sleep-or-subprocess-in-async-function No False Perflint
PERF403 manual-dict-comprehension No True Perflint

(table truncated for example purposes)

Autofixable Ruff rules

65 Ruff rules are violated in the repo, but can be auto-fixed 🪄

Code Name Fixable Preview Linter
B010 set-attr-with-constant Always False flake8-bugbear
B011 assert-false Always False flake8-bugbear
C401 unnecessary-generator-set Always False flake8-comprehensions

(table truncated for example purposes)

Applicable Rules

194 other Ruff rules are not yet configured in the repository

Code Name Fixable Preview Linter Violations
PLW0127 self-assigning-variable No False Pylint 1
RUF009 function-call-in-dataclass-default-argument No False Ruff-specific rules 1
S314 suspicious-xml-element-tree-usage No False flake8-bandit 1
B005 strip-with-multi-characters No False flake8-bugbear 1
PTH116 os-stat No False flake8-use-pathlib 6
N803 invalid-argument-name No False pep8-naming 6
UP032 f-string Sometimes False pyupgrade 6
B019 cached-instance-method No False flake8-bugbear 7
B017 assert-raises-exception No False flake8-bugbear 8
TCH002 typing-only-third-party-import Sometimes False flake8-type-checking 8
PLW1508 invalid-envvar-default No False Pylint 9
S607 start-process-with-partial-path No False flake8-bandit 9
DTZ007 call-datetime-strptime-without-zone No False flake8-datetimez 10
D205 blank-line-after-summary Sometimes False pydocstyle 2860

(table truncated for example purposes)

Configuration Value
Include sometimes-fixable rules False
Include preview rules True