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ampscript syntax highlighting
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It is an exact target creation, you can find the docs here:


  1. Install Sublime Package Control
  2. Open package control settings ctrl-shift-p then Install Package
  3. Search for AmpScript Highlighter
  4. Enojy :)


  • Highlights of all the functions in the wiki
  • Highlights all the personalization strings
  • To see what else works you can look in the test.amp file inside the AmpScript Highlighter package folder for samples from exact target
  • Some snippets for completing ampscript blocks %%[ ]%% is really annoying to type when you have bracket complete on


  • Use one % or two %% signs to delimit your code blocks (more will technically work, but at somepoint it gets a little silly)
  • If you're working with pasted text that has html and ampscript, make sure you select the HTML(AMPSCRIPT) syntax
  • If you are only working with ampscript then you should be ok with the basic AMPSCRIPT syntax


  1. Put in package control
  2. Syntax hilighting in html attributes
  3. Auto completion of code/Snippets


Submit patches to the .JSON-tmLanguage files, not the xml files which are generated from them.

Build with AAAPackageDev and test against test.amp

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