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Semantic Software Lab

The Semantic Software Lab is located at Concordia University in Montréal, Québec, Canada. We do R&D in Semantic Computing, Text Mining, and related topics.


  1. LODeXporter is a GATE component for transforming NLP annotations into RDF triples

    Java 4 1

  2. The GATE LODtagger component is a wrapper for entity linking tools, such as DBpedia Spotlight.

    Java 3

  3. Rhetector is a GATE component for the automatic detection of rhetorical entities in scientific literature.

    Java 4 1

  4. ReqWiki Public

    ReqWiki is a novel open source wiki-based approach for software requirements engineering.

    10 2

  5. The Multi-Lingual Noun Phrase Extractor (MuNPEx) is a GATE plugin for noun phrase (NP) chunking. Supported languages are English, German, and French, with Spanish in beta.

    Java 5

  6. ScholarLens Public

    Supplementary Materials for our ScholarLens Journal Article

    Java 4 1


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