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Awesome sensenet! Awesome

A collection of awesome sensenet ECM packages, tools, resources and shiny things.


Main Project

  • SN Services - The first Open Source Enterprise Content Management platform for .NET.


  • SN Installer - A desktop application for installing sensenet ECM from scratch, or executing upgrade packages.
  • SN Admin - Upgrade and package executor tool for sensenet ECM.
  • SN Tools - General .Net tools that can be used even in sensenet ECM-independent projects.
  • SN Taskmanager - A standalone .Net component for managing long-running background tasks in any application.
  • SN Security - A powerful .Net component for managing permission entries in content repositories.
  • SN Webpages - UI layer for the sensenet ECM platform built using ASP.NET pages, webparts and controls.
  • SN Workflow - Workflow component for the sensenet ECM platform, based on Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5
  • SN Workspaces - Workspace-related content for the sensenet ECM platform.
  • SN Client .NET - A .Net client for sensenet ECM that makes it easy to use the REST API of the Content Repository.
  • SN Client JS - A JavaScript client for sensenet ECM that makes it easy to use the REST API of the Content Repository.
  • SN Client CLI - Command line tool for the sensenet Platform's Client Library
  • SN Redux - A set of redux actions, reducers and redux-ovbservable epics for sensenet ECM.
  • SN Controls Aurelia - Aurelia controls for sensenet ECM
  • SN Controls React - React controls for sensenet ECM






  • sensenet.github.io - Source code for the community website of sensenet ECM developers. It's made with Jekyll, hosted on GitHub Pages.
  • SN Resources - The place of sensenet ECM related downloadable resources.