Upgrade and package executor tool for sensenet ECM.
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sensenet ECM SnAdmin

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Upgrade and package executor tool for sensenet ECM. It can be used to execute packages (e.g. upgrade packages published for Enterprise customers, or custom packages assembled by anyone) that change the Content Repository or the web application folder. It also helps developers and operators automate their processes (e.g. a build or deployment workflow).

SnAdmin can be considered as a framework built on a script language that describes a set of steps to be executed one after the other. sensenet ECM offers many built-in steps and it is also possible for third party developers to create custom steps to include in custom packages.

The binaries of this tool are distributed via a NuGet package, but you do not have to install it manually: it is installed as a dependency of the main sensenet ECM release.


Executing a package

SnAdmin <packagename>


Display usage and available package names and descriptions:

SnAdmin -help

Get package description and parameter list:

SnAdmin <packagename> -help

For details, examples and extensibility options please visit the following article: