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Interactive Janet mode
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ijanet-mode Interactive Janet mode


Follow the great instructions at

Obligatory gif

image info

I highly recommend using the straight package manager

   :type git
   :host github
   :repo "serialdev/ijanet-mode"

Alternatively pull the repo and add to your init file

git clone

Hard Requirements

Janet is required

Current functionality:

NOTE: These will be active when a major mode janet-mode has been defined

for now use the functions or allocate your own keybindings

C-c C-p [Start repl] (ijanet)
C-c C-b [Eval buffer] (ijanet-eval-buffer)
C-c C-l [Eval line] (ijanet-eval-line)
C-c C-r [eval region] (ijanet-eval-region)
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