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Android Xamarin Chat

An Android (Xamarin) Chat client for the ServiceStack Chat application!


Android (Xamarin) Chat shows integration with ServiceStack server from a Xamarin application utilizing the following ServiceStack features.

  • ServiceStack Authentication Providers (Twitter)
    • Using Xamarin.Auth to provide a more native experience
    • Xamarin.Auth generic wrapper for ServiceStack auth providers
    • Storing ServiceStack account details using Xamarin AccountStore.
  • Server Side Events feature (Chat messages and commands)
    • Command receivers
      • Announce reciever using Android notifications
      • CSS receiver intepreting messages to change background image and colors
      • Play youtube receiver to natively hand off to Android devices registered application
    • New sseClient.SubscribeToChannels to dynamically listen to new channels without restarting the connection. (4.0.53+)
    • Custom IResolver
    • Getting active event subscribers
  • Add ServiceStack Reference (Chat DTOs)

Authentication using Xamarin.Auth

Xamarin.Auth is a component you can use when developing Xamarin clients that authenticate with common OAuth proviers like Twitter, Facebook, etc. This component can also be used with ServiceStack OAuth providers by creating a wrapper for the WebAuthenticator.

var ssAuth = new ServiceStackAuthenticator(
    "twitter", jsonServiceClient =>
        var userDetails = jsonServiceClient.Get(new GetUserDetails());
        return new Account(userDetails.UserName, jsonServiceClient.CookieContainer);

More info about this wrapper at the TechStacksAuth repository

Command receivers


An Android Xamarin Chat client for the ServiceStack chat demo application server.



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