Swift Package Manager Console App calling techstacks.io using ServiceStack's Swift Typed Client
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Swift Package TechStacks Console App

This project contains an example of building a Swift Console App using Swift's Package Manager which leverages ServiceStack's Swift Client support and its Swift v3 SwiftClient Package to call techstacks.io Web Services.

Creating a Swift Package from Scratch

The guideline below will go through building and running this Example Swift Console App from Scratch. See Apple's documentation for a more detailed illustration of building Apps using Swift's Package Manager.

Create a Directory for your Swift App

Create and change into the directory for your new Swift App project:

mkdir swift-techstacks-console && cd swift-techstacks-console

Declare Package dependencies

Every Swift Package App needs a Package.swift manifest file which amongst other things is where you'll specify all the dependency your App needs. In this case the only dependency we need is the ServiceStackClient package that's contained in the SwiftClient Github project, which you can specify by pasting in the following Swift code in Package.swift:

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
    name: "TechStacks Console App",
    dependencies: [
        .Package(url: "https://github.com/ServiceStack/SwiftClient", majorVersion: 1)

Or if preferred, you can copy and save it from Github:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ServiceStackApps/swift-techstacks-console/master/Package.swift > Package.swift 

Install Packages

To install your Projects dependencies run:

swift build

Which will download the ServiceStackClient package and its transitive dependencies PromiseKit and copy it in the local Packages/ folder:


Since our Package.swift specifies majorVersion: 1, Swift automatically downloads the latest Github release containing a 1.* version number.

In addition to downloading the source code for each Package, Swift also builds each package from Source and saves its build artifacts in the local .build/ folder.

Create your App

By convention, Swift expects your source files to be maintained in the local Sources/ folder which we can maintain in an implicit Sources/{PackageName} naming convention that we can create with:

mkdir -p Sources/App && cd Sources/App

By convention, a package containing a file named main.swift in its root directory produces an executable which we can enable for our App by pasting the following code in main.swift:

import ServiceStackClient;

let client = JsonServiceClient(baseUrl:"http://techstacks.io")

let request = GetTechnology()
request.slug = "ServiceStack"

let response = try client.get(request)


Or if it's easier you can copy it from Github:

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ServiceStackApps/swift-techstacks-console/master/Sources/App/main.swift > main.swift 

Our Console App is fairly straight forward, it just uses the Swift ServiceClient in the ServiceStackClient package to call a JSON Web Service by sending a Typed DTO to http://techstacks.io then prints the first Technology Stack result to the Console output.

Download TechStacks Typed Swift DTOs

We can download the Typed Swift DTO's for any remote ServiceStack Service by calling its built-in /types/swift route. Since we're using a Swift Package (instead of importing the ServiceClient directly in Xcode) we also need to override the default imports to include the ServiceStackClient package which we download from techstacks.io and save into TechStacks.dtos.swift by running:

curl http://techstacks.io/types/swift?DefaultImports=Foundation,ServiceStackClient > TechStacks.dtos.swift

Now that we have our completed app we can go back to the project's root directory and build the entire solution with:

cd ../..
swift build

If successful you should see something like:

iMac:swift-techstacks-console mythz$ swift build
Compile Swift Module 'App' (2 sources)
Linking ./.build/debug/App

The result of which is a statically-linked native .exe in the .build folder which can be run as-is:


Which should print the JSON output of the first Technology Stack result that uses ServiceStack, e.g:

{"id":92,"name":"Recommend","vendorName":"Recommend","Description":"Recommendations from people you trust\nPowered by trust, Recommend enables you to find the best recommendations from people you know, save your own relevant experiences and share them with your private network only or become a trusted influencer.","appUrl":"http://re.co","screenshotUrl":"https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ServiceStack/Assets/master/img/livedemos/techstacks/screenshots/recommend.png","created":"/Date(1424470776472-0000)/","createdBy":"FlagSystemes","lastModified":"/Date(1479420525835-0000)/","lastModifiedBy":"FlagSystemes","isLocked":false,"ownerId":"30","slug":"recommend","details":null,"lastStatusUpdate":"/Date(1479420525835-0000)/"}