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A note taking application, featuring markdown syntax.
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Mikidown is a note taking application with markdown support.

Mikidown was inspired by Zim and based on ReText. The logo is derived from markdown-mark.

Install mikidown with

python3-pip install mikidown

Run mikidown without installing

git clone
cd mikidown


  • Edit markdown with live preview
  • Switch between Edit/View/LiveEdit mode
  • All notes in one place, with multiple notebooks support
  • Page cross-link
  • Import from plain text files, export to HTML, PDF
  • Customise your note style (by editing CSS file)
  • Spell check


  • Python (>3.0)
  • PyQt
  • python-markdown
  • python-whoosh
  • python-html2text ( Optional for HTML to markdown conversion, otherwise, formatted text is pasted as HTML )
  • python-asciimathml ( Optional for asciimathml support )
  • python-pyenchant ( Optional for spell checking )
  • slickpicker ( Optional for better color picking for mikidown highlighting colors )

Beautiful notes powered by markdown

In case you are unfamiliar with markdown, you can use this file (Help->README) as a simple reference to basic markdown syntax. However, I suggest you take a look at the complete Markdown Syntax.

Markdown extension

All python-markdown extensions are supported. To enable/disable extension, edit the notebook.conf file in your notebook folder.

# notebook_folder/notebook.conf
extensions=nl2br, strkundr, codehilite, fenced_code, headerid, headerlink, footnotes

Mikidown Specific Syntax

  1. page cross link

    • [text](/parentNode/childNode/pageName)
    • [text](/parentNode/childNode/pageName#anchor)
  2. absolute and relative image path

    • ![text](file:///home/user/pic.png)
    • ![text](pic.png) # path relative to notebook folder
    • Ctrl + I or Edit -> Insert Image will bring up an insert image dialog.
  3. ins/del/bold/italics

    • ~~delete~~ will yield delete
    • __insert__ will yield insert
    • **strong** will yield strong
    • //emphasis// will yield emphasis


ShadowKyogre and more

Fork and help are much appreciated.

Want to help? Further details are in the file.

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