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Question Editor


This is the admin part of the question-queue project.

It lets admins edit questions that will then be used by the question queue.

Future: Show reports on answers selected by users, export questions to different formats..


You'll need npm or yarn.

Set up the Graphcool back-end

We are using a graphcool back-end for this project.

Install graphcool:

npm install -g graphcool

You'll have to create a graphcool account and authentify.

graphcool auth

Start a new graphcool project using the example schema:

graphcool init --schema schema.graphql

In the future, you can change your GraphQL schema by editing the generated configuration file project.graphcool and running graphcool push.

In order to use the app, you need to create an admin user. I do that by running a query in the graphcool playground. Launch the playground:

graphcool playground

Run this query - don't forget to replace the informations:

mutation {
    role: "ADMIN",
    authProvider: {
      email: {
        email: "REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_EMAIL",
        password: "REPLACE_WITH_YOUR_PASSWORD"
  ) {

A new ADMIN user should have been created. Use these credentials to log into the app later.

Read Graphcool really cool documentation here.


In the src folder, create a config.js file with this data:

export const GRAPHCOOL_SERVER_URI = '__simple_api_endpoint__'

Now, get the endpoint url from graphcool by running:

graphcool endpoints

You want to copy the Simple API endpoint into you config.js file.

Run in development mode

That's it, You should be able to run the app.

yarn start

This should open a browser with the app running on localhost:3000. This project was bootstrapped with Create React App which bring plenty of cool development features.

Build for prod

Build the app for prod using yarn build


I have a pre-commit hook to copy my graphcool schema into the example if there are changes to it. If you want to contribute changes to the schema and would like the same functionality, here is what I did:

touch .git/hooks/pre-commit
chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit

In the pre-commit file, copy paste this:


sed '1,10 s/\(^# \([a-z_]*\):\).*$/\1 example_\2_id/' project.graphcool > /tmp/project.graphcool.example

if ! cmp /tmp/project.graphcool.example project.graphcool.example >/dev/null 2>&1
  # copy modified file to example file
  echo 'regenerating project.graphcool.example'
  mv /tmp/project.graphcool.example project.graphcool.example
  git add project.graphcool.example
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