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This repository has been archived by the owner on Apr 11, 2024. It is now read-only.


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This repo has been moved


This repo has been merged with Shopify/shopify-app-js. All of the packages contained within this repo were copied over and will be maintained / released from there.

If you have an issue or feature request, please create it in the new repository.


This mono-repo is a collection of Shopify's JavaScript API client libraries and utilities.

A library supporting Shopify apps to access Shopify's APIs, by making it easier to perform the following actions:

  • Creating online or offline access tokens for the Admin API via OAuth
  • Making requests to the Admin API (REST or GraphQL) and Storefront API (GraphQL).
  • Register/process webhooks

For use on the server.

A library to interact with Shopify's GraphQL Storefront API. For use on the client or server.

A library to interact with Shopify's GraphQL and REST Admin APIs. For use on the server.

A client to interact with any of Shopify's GraphQL APIs.

Enables JavaScript / TypeScript apps to use a #graphql tag to parse queries with graphql-codegen.