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Known Issues

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This list documents differences between Minecraft/Spigot versions, and existing Minecraft/Spigot issues related to Shopkeepers.
If you run into an issue, check if this list already contains and maybe offers information on how to handle it.

Potential issues you might want to be aware of:

Legacy minecraft versions:

  • On early versions of Shopkeepers, server crashes and improper shutdowns might cause living non-citizens shopkeeper entities to duplicate sometimes.
  • The always-show-nameplates setting is no longer working on MC 1.8.
  • In the latest MC 1.8.x versions minecraft's trading logic has slightly changed (and by that the one of Shopkeepers as well): If a trade requires an item with special data (like a custom name, lore, enchantments, etc.), minecraft is now only allowing this trade if the offered item contains all of this data as well. The offered item may however contain additional data.
  • On MC 1.9 and MC 1.10 any spawn egg type is accepted as shop creation item. If you are updating, you may have to change the data value to '0' in the config for spawn eggs to work at all. For 1.11 and later there is a new config setting to specifiy the spawn egg mob type (see changelog of v1.83).
  • Shopkeepers using skeleton or zombie variants after updating to MC 1.11 or above can not be loaded again (will be lost) when switching back to a previous minecraft version.
  • If you are running on a minecraft version below MC 1.11, you can no longer cycle through the different zombie variants and skeleton variants. Existing shopkeepers using those will fallback to normal zombies and skeletons.

Current minecraft version (1.14.x):

  • Compatibility with older Bukkit/Spigot versions is untested. If you encounter any problems let me know and I will look into it. Migrating back to older versions is usually not supported though and will likely corrupt Shopkeepers' save data.
  • A bunch of entity types are only meant for experimental usage. They might cause all kinds of issues if used. See the changelog of v1.50.
  • If the trade for a written book fails, players can sometimes still open and read the book if they close the shop and click the temporary fake book in their inventory fast enough. There is not much I can do about this.
  • There is an open minecraft bug which causes the wrong items to be removed for certain trades (when both required items are of the same type but have differing nbt data, and the items are provided in reverse order by the player):
  • If you are using Spigot and you have many villagers in one place, consider disabling the spigot setting tick-inactive-villagers: Having this enabled may keep chunks with many villagers loaded indefinitely.
  • Paper: To prevent sign shopkeeper blocks to get persisted with the world/chunk data (so that all shopkeepers are gone if you decide to no longer use the plugin, or in case of server crashes), the plugin removes all sign shopkeeper blocks from the world prior to world save and respawns them again 1 tick afterwards. Paper has a feature which performs the actual saving of chunks incrementally across more than 1 tick, so the saving won't be complete when Shopkeepers respawns the sign shopkeepers. The consequence of this is that these sign blocks might end up still being present in the world if you decide to no longer use the plugin, or if the server crashes.
  • ClearLagg (checked version 3.0.6): ClearLagg's 'chunk-entity-limiter' prevents mobs (even plugin-spawned mobs) from spawning if a certain limit of entities is reached within the chunk. Since ClearLagg prevents entity spawning on MONITOR priority, it is impossible for Shopkeepers to bypass this. Various other features of clearlag might periodically remove the Shopkeeper entities as well. If you have Shopkeeper's spawn verifier enabled in the config, it should however at least periodically respawn those entities. Using any features of ClearLagg that attempt to unload chunks or limit chunk loading might interfere with Shopkeepers as well. Reference:
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