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SideeX - Smart Record-Playback Browser Automation
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The Official Repository of SideeX 2

In a word, SideeX (version 2) is an extended version of Selenium IDE with a number of expanded automation capabilities.

Selenium IDE is one of the most popular record-playback-style web application testing tools. We really appreciate the effort of the Selenium Core and IDE contributors on developing the great and useful software. In this open source project, referred to as SideeX (version 2), we attempt to expand the existing Selenium IDE record-playback automation capabilities and provide a number of advanced improvements. SideeX runs as an extension for both Chrome and Firefox. It is available for free download and use.

The History of SideeX - From Selenium IDE to SideeX

The glorious history of SideeX - from Selenium IDE to SideeX

Download SideeX 2

Download SideeX 2 from chrome web store.

The Official Web Site

Open Source License

SideeX is released under the Apache 2.0 License. In SideeX, part of Selenium IDE source code is included under Apache 2.0 License.

News: SideeX 3 was Released

Download SideeX 3 here:

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