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MagicMirror module for Transport For London tube line status
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MagicMirror module for Transport For London tube line status designed to replicate the TFL status board.


MMM-TFL Preview


  1. Navigate into your MagicMirror's modules folder and execute git clone

  2. cd MMM-TFL and execute npm install.

  3. Add this module to your config.js file.


  1. In a terminal navigate into your MagicMirror's modules folder cd MMM-TFL and execute git pull.


To use this module, add it to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

modules: [
      module: 'MMM-TFL',
      position: 'top_right',    // This can be any of the regions but works best on either side of the display
      config: {
        updateTime: 600000,
        modes: ['tube', 'overground'],
        lines: 'all',
Option Description
updateTime Number. Optional. The interval time in seconds to update the status of the tube line. Defaults to 600000 (30 minutes)
modes Array. Optional. The lines displayed can be refined by a mode if you only want to all lines in a specific mode. Saves having to add quite a few lines to the lines array. Defaults to ['tube', 'overground']
lines Array / String. Optional. The tube lines you want to keep track of. If you specify a line but not the mode it is contained in, the line will not be included on the board. Can be an array of line id's e.g. ['central', 'bakerloo', 'circle'] or all which will display all lines. Defaults to all.
app_id String. Optional. Your personal App ID from
app_key String. Optional. Your personal App key from


Id Line Mode
bakerloo Bakerloo tube
central Central tube
circle Circle tube
district District tube
hammersmith-city Hammersmith & City tube
jubilee Jubilee tube
metropolitan Metropolitan tube
northern Northern tube
piccadilly Piccadilly tube
victoria Victoria tube
waterloo-city Waterloo & City tube
dlr DLR dlr
london-overground London Overground overground
tram Tram tram
tfl-rail TFL Rail tflrail
arriva-trains-wales Arriva Trains Wales national-rail
c2c c2c national-rail
chiltern-railways Chiltern Railways national-rail
cross-country Cross Country national-rail
east-midlands-trains East Midlands Trains national-rail
first-hull-trains First Hull Trains national-rail
first-transpennine-express First TransPennine Express national-rail
gatwick-express Gatwick Express national-rail
grand-central Grand Central national-rail
greater-anglia Greater Anglia national-rail
great-northern Great Northern national-rail
great-western-railway Great Western Railway national-rail
heathrow-connect Heathrow Connect national-rail
heathrow-express Heathrow Express national-rail
island-line Island Line national-rail
merseyrail Merseyrail national-rail
northern-rail Northern Rail national-rail
scotrail ScotRail national-rail
southeastern Southeastern national-rail
southern Southern national-rail
south-western-railway South Western Railway national-rail
thameslink Thameslink national-rail
virgin-trains Virgin Trains national-rail
virgin-trains-east-coast Virgin Trains East Coast national-rail
west-midlands-trains West Midlands Trains national-rail

Anything else you need to know?

You can optioanlly include an API key from TFL. Although TFL doesn't require one to use the API. You can get a key from here. After getting your keys you can add them to the config. This project does not use any external dependencies. Any improvements please feel free to submit a PR.

To Do

[ ] - Add bus status
[ ] - Add alerts at certain times
[ ] - Testing

Special Thanks

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