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This is an extension which provides enhancements for the website.

Minimum Requirements

This version of Jankteki has generally only been tested against the latest version of Chrome. However, as far as I'm aware, it should work from Chrome 45 onwards.


  • maintains a list of friends (or cyber-celebrities ;-) ) online
  • pins links to friends games in progress to the top of the lobby
  • keeps notes on players - both a one line summary, as well as deeper notepad
  • introduces a fixes panel in-game. This panel serves as a series of shortcuts for the commands list
  • ability to enable horizontal scrolling, for those evil asset spam decks


If for some reason, the extension doesn't work as expected, first of all ensure you are on a recent version of Chrome. If you navigate to About Google Chrome in the Chrome menus, it will allow you to update the browser if needed.

If that doesn't fix your issue, try upgrading your version of Jankteki, you can do this by going to chrome://extensions in your browser, and clicking Update Extensions Now in the top right of that screen.

If that still doesn't work - congratulations, you've probably found a bug. Please raise it in the github issues panel. The more information you can provide the better - what version of Chrome, what version of Jankteki, how you reproduced the bug. Screenshots are good. And any messages outputted the Chrome error console (you can find out how to activate this here:


I keep a loose list of the features I wish to build into Jankteki here: Trello Board for Janteki.

If there is something not on it, let me know - either with an issue here, or you can find me on twitter as @simonscarfe, or the stimhack slack as @si.