JavaScript implementation of SRL.
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JavaScript implementation of Simple Regex 🎉🎉🎉

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Because of the JavaScript regex engine, there is something different from Simple Regex

  • Support as to assign capture name with CODE but not regex engine.
  • NOT support if already had/if not already had
  • NO first match and NO all lazy, since in JavaScript lazy means non-greedy (matching the fewest possible characters).


npm install srl


Class SRL accepts a Simple Regex Language string as input, and return the builder for the query.

The builder can agent test/exec method to the generated regex object. Or you can use get() to take the generated regex object.

const SRL = require('srl')
const query = new SRL('letter exactly 3 times')

query.isMatching('aaa') // true
query.getMatch('aaa') // [ 'aaa', index: 0, input: 'aaa' ]

    .get() // /[a-z]{3}[0-9]*$/g

Required Node 6.0+ for the ES6 support, Or you can use Babel to support Node below 6.0.

Using Webpack and babel-loader to pack it if want to use in browsers.


In SRL-JavaScript we apply g flag as default to follow the Simple Regex "standard", so we provide more API to use regex conveniently.

  • isMatching - Validate if the expression matches the given string.

     const query = new SRL('starts with letter twice')
     query.isMatching(' aa') // false
     query.isMatching('bbb') // true
  • getMatch - Get first match of the given string, like run regex.exec once.

    const query = new SRL('capture (letter twice) as word whitespace')
    query.getMatch('aa bb cc dd') // [ 'aa ', 'aa', index: 0, input: 'aa bb cc dd', word: 'aa' ]
  • getMatches - Get all matches of the given string, like a loop to run regex.exec.

    const query = new SRL('capture (letter twice) as word whitespace')
    query.getMatches('aa bb cc dd')
     * [ 
     *     [ 'aa ', 'aa', index: 0, input: 'aa bb cc dd', word: 'aa' ],
     *     [ 'bb ', 'bb', index: 3, input: 'aa bb cc dd', word: 'bb' ],
     *     [ 'cc ', 'cc', index: 6, input: 'aa bb cc dd', word: 'cc' ] 
     * ]
  • removeModifier - Remove specific flag.

     const query = new SRL('capture (letter twice) as word whitespace')
     query.get() // /([a-z]{2})\s/


First, clone repo and init submodule for test.

SRL-JavaScript depends on Mocha and Istanbul to test code. You can use them like this:

npm install

npm test # test 
npm run coverage # Get coverage locally 

How to write Rules, see: Test-Rules.


SRL-JavaScript is published under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.