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  1. installer-linux

    SinusBot Installer which supports Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and installs the SinusBot with only the execution of a single command.

    Shell 9 9

  2. linux-startscript

    Systemd startscript to manage the startup of the SinusBot easily.

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  3. scripting-docs

    JSDoc based SinusBot scripting engine documentation.

    JavaScript 2 3

  4. scripts

    Example scripts based on the new scripting engine of the SinusBot.

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  5. audio-file-importer

    Forked from Xuxe/Sinusbot-File-Importer

    A cli utility to import audio files. Uses the SinusBot REST API. Written in Python.

    Python 1

  6. docker

    Official Docker image of the SinusBot for TeamSpeak 3 and Discord.

    Shell 7 7

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