A fast middleware designed for microservices
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Kikaha is a micro container writen over the fast Undertow core. It was developed with two core ideas in mind:

  • provides a lightweight micro container (written over the powerful undertow core), as alternative environment to to run web applications
  • provide a set of undertow extensions to structure and initialize your application without writing a bunch of bootstraping lines of code, making easier to develop embedded applications

Note: This is the development branch. Features here will be available only at the next stable release. Please checkout the version-2.1.x if you are looking for the source code of the latest stable version.


Be a contributor and join our team. Kikaha need your help to provide the best to the community. Even simple tasks like testing the micro container, finding typos in docs or reporting improvements feedbacks will be welcome.

Community / Support



Kikaha is released under Apache 2.0 license.