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A copylefted libre / open source YouTube player for Android, without ads.

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Innovative Features

  • Video blocker featuring:
    • Channel blacklisting
    • Channel whitelisting
    • Block videos if their language is not the same as the user's preferred one(s)
    • Block low-view videos
    • Block high-dislike videos
    • Toolbar icon showing number of blocked videos
  • Watched or partially watched videos are marked accordingly. "Resume playing" feature also implemented
  • Video swipe controls, including controls for volume, brightness, comments and video description
  • Bookmark videos
  • Import subscriptions from YouTube
  • Play channels' playlists
  • Download videos
  • Ability to play the video faster — or slower than live. [New!]
  • View and download video thumbnails
  • No adverts when browsing or playing videos
  • SponsorBlock to skip advertisement segments
  • Back up and restore bookmarks and subscriptions (all stored locally on your device)

Traditional Features

  • Explore Featured and Most Popular videos
  • Browse YouTube channels
  • Play YouTube videos
  • View video comments
  • Search videos, music and channels
  • Channel subscription & non-intrusive notifications
  • Subscriptions feed

More features will be added in the near future.


Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later. For techies, that means an API level of 19 or greater. If you have older Android device - however, at least 4.0, you should try SkyTube Legacy.


Feature SkyTube Extra SkyTube
Description Contains extra features that are powered by non-OSS libraries. Fully open-source and free software.
GPLv3 license
Official YouTube player support*
Chromecast Support*
Updates availability Immediate Normally up to 5 days
Download APK Download SkyTube Extra APK Download SkyTube (Vanilla) APK

* powered by a closed-source, third-party library.

Why SkyTube?

  • Copylefted libre software
  • Gratis
  • Innovative design
  • No ads
  • Multilingual
  • Not dependent on GApps/Google Apps (the official YouTube app)
  • No need for Google/YouTube account to operate
  • Does not spy on your behaviour!


You can help us translate this app into your native language by visiting SkyTube's Weblate page. Just log in using your GitHub/GitLab/BitBucket/Google/Facebook account and start translating!

Translation status:

Translation status



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Browse channel using tablet


This project was possible with the support and contribution of numerous volunteers and third-party projects.

Help improve SkyTube by translating or developing it.



This project is not affiliated with YouTube™ or any of its partners and/or products. YouTube™ and Android™ are registered trademarks of Google Inc.