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Real-time charts for IoT with Angular and
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Real-time charts for IoT using angular and Uses the official flowthings angular client for communication with server.

Install via Bower

bower install angular-flow-chart --save

Include the scripts

<script src="bower_components/Chart.js/Chart.js"></script> <!-- Chart.js -->
<script src="bower_components/angular-chart.js/dist/angular-chart.min.js"></script> <!-- Angular Chart.js -->
<script src="bower_components/flowthings-browser/dist/flowthings-browser.min.js"></script> <!-- FlowThings Browser -->
<script src="bower_components/flowthings-angular/dist/flowthings-angular.min.js"></script> <!-- FlowThings Angular -->
<script src="bower_components/angular-flow-chart/dist/angular-flow-chart.min.js"></script> <!-- Angular Flow Charts -->

Include the ngFlowChart module as a dependency to your module, alongside flowthings for the official library:

angular.module('app', ['flowthings', 'ngFlowChart'])

Configure and start flowthings service (as per official docs):

    .config(function (flowthingsProvider) {
        flowthingsProvider.options.account = '< your username >';
        flowthingsProvider.options.token = '< your token >';
    .run(function(flowthings) {

Use the <flow-chart></flow-chart> tag in your view, adding a chart plugin within:

<flow-chart flow-id="'f123...'" limit="20">
    <flow-chart-js value-properties="['temperature', 'humidity']" chart-type="line"></flow-chart-js>

Full example can be found here.

Angular Flow Chart accepts any JS chart library via a plugin. Example of a plugin using ChartJS can be found here.

Flow Chart

flowChart directive serves as a base for communication with server, initializes data and passes any incoming data to the chart. Any actual chart is handled by plugin directives transcluded within the <flow-chart></flow-chart> tag. You can add as many chart plugins as you want.


  • flowId: id of the source Flow
  • limit: max number od data points in the graph - used in initial data fetching and passed down to chart plugin

Transclusion Controller

  • Exposes limit in the controller, so it is available to transcluded charts


  • flowChart:init : fired upon initialisation, initial drops passed to subscribers
  • flowChart:newDrop : fired when new drop arrives, passing it to the subscribers

For more info on how to build chart plugin, refer to Angular Flow ChartJS Plugin.

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