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Digital SoCraTes UK 2020

Amélie Cornélis edited this page Apr 29, 2020 · 4 revisions
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We are running a digital open space for SoCraTes UK on the 8th May 2020!


Say hello here :)

Amélie C.

  • Developer at Tes
  • Going round the various Craft unconfs (last one CodeFreeze, and regular at SocratesUK)
  • Recently JavaScript, previously mostly Java, still mostly backend. Devops!
  • Interested in incremental steps to improve all the things (code, test approaches, deployment, processes, collaboration, ...)
  • I help run CodeCraft, the Glasgow crafters community

Session Incubation

Brainstorm any idea for sessions here


Hosted by Your Name

In this session we will be working on some amazing things. And talking a lot. You should be there.

Interested: A Pretty Cool Person, And Another, …

--> new idea goes here <--

The Day

Schedule Activity
9am Shared breakfast and arrival
9.30am Opening and marketplace
10.30am-11.30am Session 1
11.45am-12.45pm Session 2
----------- -----------
12.45pm-2.30pm Lunch break
----------- -----------
2.30pm-3.30pm Session 3
3.45pm-4.45pm Session 4
----------- -----------
5.00pm-5.30pm Closing and retro
----------- -----------
7pm onward Optional evening sessions (games, etc)

We will use the following tools (get your ticket to get access):

  • Discord for voice only breakout rooms, sharing links and resources. Server: SoCraTes UK 2020 Digital Spring.
  • Mural for the board, Schedule, Avatars and Digital Rooms
  • Zoom for Video Conferencing. You do not need an account but there is a client to install on first access, which you can do via this test call.
  • Kudobox for kudos cards

Session Artifacts

Share here any links to outcome of sessions