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## [6.2.4](v6.2.3...v6.2.4) (2022-09-20)

### Bug Fixes

* fix no display in filter drawer previous boolean and reference values ([#1258](#1258)) ([5c04d41](5c04d41))

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AdminJS is An automatic admin interface which can be plugged into your application. You, as a developer, provide database models (like posts, comments, stores, products or whatever else your application uses), and AdminJS generates UI which allows you (or other trusted users) to manage content.

Inspired by: django admin, rails admin and active admin.

How it looks

Example application

Check out the example application with mongodb and postgres models here:

  • login:
  • password: password

Getting started

OpenSource SoftwareBrothers community

What kind of problems it solves

So you have a working service built in Node.js. It uses (for example) Hapi.js for rendering a couple of REST routes and mongoose as the connector to the database.

Everything works fine, but now you would like to:

  • see all the data in the app,
  • perform custom business actions on objects in the database,
  • bootstrap the tables with the initial data,
  • build custom report pages,
  • allow other team members (not necessary programmers) to see what is going on in the application.

And all these cases can be solved by AdminJS. By adding couple of lines of code you have a running admin interface.


  • CRUD any data in any resource
  • Custom actions
  • Form validation based on schema in your resources
  • Full featured dashboard with widgets
  • Custom resource decorators


If you would like work on an adminjs and develop new features - take a look at our dev repository:

You can find there instructions on how to run adminjs for development.


AdminJS is Copyright © 2021 It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.


We’re an open, friendly team that helps clients from all over the world to transform their businesses and create astonishing products.

  • We are available for hire.
  • If you want to work for us - check out the career page.