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Build Status Quality gate Coverage

SonarGo is a SonarQube code analyzer for the Go language.


  • Rules for detecting bugs, vulnerabilities and code smells.
  • Metrics (Cognitive complexity, NCLOC, ...)
  • Display of code coverage
  • Duplication detection

Note: The SonarGo plugin is not compatible with the GoLang community plugin. If you are using it, you need to uninstall it to test SonarGo.



./gradlew build

Run build with ruling:

git submodule update --init  # first time
ruling=true ./gradlew build --info --no-daemon

Run plugin integration tests:

./gradlew integrationTest --info

Repository Structure

This SonarQube plugin uses an intermediate representation format to provide issues and metrics on a Go project. The intermediate format is a json file representing an UAST (Universal Abstract Syntax Tree).

Universal Abstract Syntax Tree - Reference Documentation

Uast node is defined by class UastNode. Package helpers contains convenient classes to work with the tree.

Two modules are responsible for the source code conversion into a json UAST:

  • uast-generator-go Use the native Go parser and convert the AST tree into an UAST
  • uast-generator-java Use the sonar-java parser to produce UAST, just here to ensure that the UAST can support several programming languages.

Language agnostic rule engine module

  • common-rule-engine Rule engine with rules based on UAST

The SonarQube Go analyzer plugin

  • sonar-go-plugin SonarQube plugin using uast-generator-go and common-rule-engine to provide rules and metrics for Go language

License headers

Generate license headers for non-Go files with the command:

./gradlew licenseFormat

The license plugins doesn't work for Go files. At the moment we create/edit them manually. When doing so, make sure to add a blank line after the license header, otherwise go doc will treat it as documentation string. To verify that no unintended documentation was added, run go doc inside uast-generator-go.


Copyright 2018-2018 SonarSource.

Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 3.0