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A project by @SyntaxPhoenix IT-Solutions

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  1. A tree chopping plugin for minecraft bukkit

    Java 19 8

  2. LoginPlus is a spigot-plugin that works on version 1.8 up to the currently latest spigot-version. It is a lightweight login and register-plugin to prevent users from taking over accounts and adding…

    Java 9 5

  3. An OfflinePlayer-UUID API

    Java 5

  4. A repository filled with presets for the Spigot Plugin RealisticWorldGenerator

    3 3

  5. BlockyLog Public archive

    BlockLog is a library-plugin, that gives you informations about the last player build/destroyed a block.

    Java 1

  6. vCompat Public

    Library, that adds easy to use NMS-Functions

    Java 1 2


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