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ModSecurity status

ModSecurity status is a mechanism to collect and display usage statistics of
ModSecurity. It is divided into four main components:

- WebSite:     A rich html page that is responsable to show the utilization
               status in a user friendly way.

- API:         An api which is utilized by the WebSite component to retrieve
               data from our database.

- Collector:   Set of scripts responsable to parser tinydns log files and
               populate a database that can be comsumed by the API.

- ModSecurity: Responsible to provide information about every instance of
	       itself, using DNS queries.

ModSecurity is not part of this repository, it is available under its own
repository at: The other three
compoents lies on the same repository as that file.

The WebSite and API componets are deployed under the official ModSecurity
status page, public available at:

For more information about the stats mechanism, check ModSecurity wiki.
FIXME: feed the wiki and place the url.