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With the release of SpringRoll 2.0 this repository has been deprecated.

To manage captions you can checkout the new online solution at and for creating new game projects you can check out SpringRoll-Seed

SpringRollStudio Dependency Status

SpringRollStudio is an native application (build with NW.js and designed to provide graphic user interfaces for building and managing SpringRoll projects.


  • Manage a captions library
  • Remote debugging over a network
  • Run Grunt tasks for SpringRoll projects
  • Scaffold a new project with support for custom templates


In order to build SpringRollStudio, there are some external global dependencies that are required.


Grunt is required to build. See the getting started guide.

npm install -g grunt-cli


node-appdmg is required to create the OS X DMG installer image.

npm install -g appdmg


makensis is required to create the Windows setup executable. Can be installed with brew:

brew install makensis

xquarts & wine

On OSX if building for Windows, Wine needs to be installed to create the application icon. First install xquartz by downloading here, then Wine can be installed with Homebrew

brew install wine


Before building, make sure to run NPM install to import Node dependencies for building the project.

npm install

The build tasks extend project-grunt and all those Grunt tasks can be used when building SpringRoll Studio. In addition, there are several Grunt tasks that are specific and useful to building the NW.js app:

Task Description
app:(win32,win64,osx64,osx32) Builds a release version of the NW.js app, when no platform is specified, all platforms are built.
app-debug:(win32,win64,osx64,osx32) Builds a debug version of the NW.js app, when no platform is specified, all platforms are build in debug mode.
package:(win32,win64,osx64,osx32) Create the OSX and Windows installers, also optional platform
open:(win32,win64,osx64,osx32) Open the OSX application, also optional platform


Build SpringRollStudio in debug mode for OS X run:

grunt app-debug:osx64 open:osx64

Build SpringRollStudio for all platforms and package for all using:

grunt app package

Known Issues

  • On OS X, building Windows 32-bit and 64-bit platforms back-to-back have been known to fail when using Wine to update the icon. The workaround is to build one platform at a time.