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SmartHome made for University Antwerp Project Databases
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SmartHome made for the course Programming Project Databases at the University of Antwerp.

##Build instructions ###Dependencies

sudo apt-get install nodejs nodejs-legacy npm python python-pip python-mysqldb


sudo pip install python-dateutil django djangorestframework==3.2.0 markdown django-filter djangorestframework-jsonapi==2.0.0-beta.2 django-rest-auth[with_social] django-cors-headers django-crispy-forms



##Run instructions ###Server

Your database should run on localhost and have the user smarthome with pass smarthome

cd server
./ migrate                 # create database tables
./ loaddata initial             # load users and tags
./ runserver               # run the server on http://localhost:8000

Load pregenerated sample data

You can simply load pregenerated data into the database:

First load the configuration:

./ loaddata example_configuration

Then load the sample data for 10 homes over 5 years:

./ loaddata sample_data

Populate with ElecSim

You can also populate the database with a given configuration file (generated by ElecSim). The following command will parse an ElecSim configuration file, generate the data and store it in the database:

./ [json_config_file] [from_date] [to_date]

to_date defaults to the present datetime. E.g.:

./ homes_config.json 2013-01-01T00:00

You can generate your own configurations using ElecSim (found on Blackboard and in the directory '/ElecSim').


cd client
npm install
npm start

Then open your browser to localhost:3000

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