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Stamp-IT brainswap for factomd
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Stamp-IT brainswap for factomd

Stamp-IT brainswap uses OpenSSH to brainswap two factomd nodes.

To do this, it calculates the block height at which the brainswap must take effect and it exchanges the identities of the two nodes in their factomd.conf.

To use it, you should first setup OpenSSH so that you can login to your factomd nodes without entering passwords interactively because, otherwise, OpenSSH will ask them many times during the brainswap process and it could leave your nodes in an incoherent state if it aborts at the wrong time. Your SSH user should have write access to /var/lib/docker/volumes/factom_keys/_data/factomd.conf or should be able to sudo.

Basic usage

brainswap [--sudo] [--noswap] [user1@]node1[:port1] [user2@]node2[:port2]
  • node1 must be an authority node
  • node2 should NOT be an authority node

E.g.: If you can login directly as root:

brainswap root@authoritynodeX root@followernoderY

If user must sudo to get write access to factomd.conf:

brainswap --sudo user@authoritynodeX user@followernoderY

If SSH runs on a non standard port:

brainswap --sudo user@authoritynodeX:12345 user@followernoderY:12345

To check that brainswap is possible without brainswaping:

brainswap --sudo --noswap user@authoritynodeX user@followernoderY

What are the prerequisites?

On the computer initiating the brainswap:

  • bash (GNU Bourne-Again SHell)
  • OpenSSH
  • GNU sed

On the nodes being brainswaped:

  • wget

Where is the configuration file?

There is no brainswap-specific configuration file.

However, the usual OpenSSH configuration files are useful to setup login without password and other options (~/.ssh/config, ~/.ssh/id_rsa, ...).

Is it safe?

Stamp-IT brainswap is designed to be safe, but there is always a risk something could go wrong. There could be network problems during the brainswap or there might be errors not handled properly by the script. Before using it on mainnet, you should test it with a similar setup on testnet.

Here are the checks made by the script before brainswaping:

  • All command-line options are recognized
  • SSH access working properly with read and write access to factomd.conf on both nodes
  • Same Factom network on both nodes
  • factomd.conf contains a ; BRAINSWAP_ID_BELOW marker or an [app] section on both nodes
  • IdentityChainID NOT the same on both nodes
  • State information from factomd parses correctly on both nodes
  • Same block height for both nodes
  • Same minute on both nodes, but not minute 0 (because in this case we cannot tell if the follower is following minutes)
  • No <nil> in the process list, on both nodes
  • Calculated brainswap height greater than ChangeAcksHeight, if any, on both nodes
  • No factomd node runs v6.1.1, v6.1.1-rc1 or v6.2.1-rc1
  • IdentityChainID, LocalServerPrivKey and LocalServerPublicKey all set in node1 factomd.conf
  • Node1 is an audit or a leader (otherwise it could indicate that a wrong node has been specified)
  • --noswap not specified

Can I control where the identities are inserted in factomd.conf?

Sure. Just add a line in your factomd.conf to mark the place where the brainswap identity should be inserted. Just insert a line that reads:


Otherwise the identity will be insert at the begining of the [app] section.

Can I use a jumpbox to get to my factomd nodes?

Yes. You can use a SSH jump box to connect to a node by prepending user@jumphost to the target node and separating them with a comma. E.g.:

brainswap user@jumphost,user@authoritynode user@jumphost,user@followernode

Does it run on my Android phone?

Probably. It has been successfully tested it using the following procedure:

  • Install Termux using Google Play

  • Install wget (to download brainswap), OpenSSH and GNU sed:

    pkg install wget
    pkg install openssh
    pkg install sed
  • Inside Termux, download brainswap:

    chmod +x brainswap
  • Setup OpenSSH to login without password.

    • For example, you can copy your RSA key to ~/.ssh/id_rsa
  • You can run it on the command line by typing: ./brainswap ...

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