SELKS 3.0 to SELKS 4.0 upgrades

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NOTE: This is a SELKS 3.0 to SELKS 4.0 major upgrade procedure. Please test and confirm on test/qa setups first.

Initial condition - a command shell on SELKS 3.0

It is recommended to follow the onscreen instructions and if needed answer "yes" to all changes. At the end of the upgrade you will be asked to enter the interface that you will use for IDS/sniffing. Please enter (eth0 for example) the interface name.

Upgrade procedure:

chmod 755

After the script is finished (if no errors) - reboot SELKS.

After the reboot confirm all major services are up and running ok:

systemctl status suricata elasticsearch kibana logstash
supervisorctl status scirius

The whole procedure will probably take about 20-30 min after which you should end up with SELKS 4.0 ready to use and feedback. If asked during the upgrade - please select JAVA 8 as your default JAVA.

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