How to upgrade kernel

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SELKS supports its own generic and standard Debian 64 bit packaging repositories. The packages are easy to find:

root@SELKS:~# apt-cache search stamus
kibana-dashboards-stamus - Kibana 5 dashboard templates.
selks-scripts-stamus - SELKS Scritps by StamusN.
linux-firmware-image-4.12.8-stamus-amd64 - Linux kernel firmware, version 4.12.8-stamus-amd64
linux-firmware-image-4.9.28-stamus-amd64 - Linux kernel firmware, version 4.9.28-stamus-amd64
linux-headers-4.12.8-stamus-amd64 - Linux kernel headers for 4.12.8-stamus-amd64 on amd64
linux-headers-4.9.28-stamus-amd64 - Linux kernel headers for 4.9.28-stamus-amd64 on amd64
linux-image-4.12.8-stamus-amd64 - Linux kernel, version 4.12.8-stamus-amd64
linux-image-4.12.8-stamus-amd64-dbg - Linux kernel debugging symbols for 4.12.8-stamus-amd64
linux-image-4.9.28-stamus-amd64 - Linux kernel, version 4.9.28-stamus-amd64
linux-image-4.9.28-stamus-amd64-dbg - Linux kernel debugging symbols for 4.9.28-stamus-amd64

NOTE: All SELKS packages by Stamus Networks are using the Debian packaging standard and routines. There are no custom modifications to the kernel. It is just packaged for your convenience.

To upgrade your kernel to the latest longterm or stable supported kernel you can simply for example do (adjust to the latest kernel version available in the repository - see above):

apt-get install linux-libc-dev linux-firmware-image-4.12.18-stamus-amd64 linux-headers-4.12.8-stamus-amd64 linux-image-4.12.8-stamus-amd64 linux-image-4.12.8-stamus-amd64-dbg

WARNING: This above could take long time since it installs dbg kernel packages as well.

Usually this could be sufficient:

apt-get install linux-headers-4.12.8-stamus-amd64 linux-image-4.12.8-stamus-amd64

reboot and then verify:

root@SELKS:~# uname -a
Linux SELKS 4.12.8-stamus-amd64 #1 SMP Mon Aug 21 09:48:11 WEST 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux


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