Example repository containing templates and good practices for creating a WebExtension for Firefox
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This repository is intended as an example repository containing templates and good practices for creating a WebExtension based add-on for Firefox.


The aim of this repository is to bring together tools and services into a template/example repository, so that add-on developers can have a good starting point for created WebExtensions that includes testing suites.

What's here

This repository includes a small WebExtension as an example, and includes the infrastructure to build and test it using Firefox.

It has test suites for lint, unit, and integration/ functional testing. There's also code coverage for the unit tests.

Additionally the test suites are run on the Travis service providing continuous testing coverage. This may be reflected in a developer's own repository where it is open source, providing coverage of pull requests etc.

Quick Start

  • Copy the files from this repository into a new one you've created (don't forget the .* files, but not the .git folder!).
  • Edit package.json and manifest.json to set up the names and information for your extension. Also edit the message.json files in add-on/_locales/ to set up the user visible names and descriptions.
  • Run npm install
  • Run npm test to check that everything is OK.
    • You may need to update module.exports.promiseAddonButton with the new add-on name.

If you're publishing your extension on github:

  • Create a repository on github (if you haven't already), and commit & push the code.
  • Enable Travis & Coveralls.
    • Update the top of this README.md if you want the correct badges for your test status & code coverage displayed.
  • Enable a module updating tool.

Source Tree Outline

  • add-on/
    • The add-on source code. In a separate directory so that the web-ext tool will only ship files in that directory.
  • docs/
    • Useful documents!
  • test/
    • Tests for the add-on including unit and functional tests.
  • .eslintrc.js, .eslintignore
    • The configuration for eslint, used to lint the code.
  • .travis.yml
    • Setup for continuous integration via Travis CI - default setup is to build every time you push or someone creates a PR.
  • karma.config.js
    • The configuration for running the functional tests in test/functional.


It is intended that all parts of this repository have at least outline documentation. If you find any parts that are missing, please file an issue or create a PR.


If you've found an issue with WebExtensions themselves, or wish to discuss them further, please use the add-ons community on discourse

For issues and items not working properly in this repository, please see the issues list, or file a new one.