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Print the execution plan of a running query in PostgreSQL
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The script prints the execution plan of a running query in PostgreSQL.

It comes in handy if PostgreSQL gets stuck running a query. Without the script, the best you can do is run EXPLAIN with the same query text. Still, the plan doesn't have to be the same as the original, because PostgreSQL relies heavily on table statistics when planning a query and those might have changed since the original query started.


sudo python3 PG_BACKEND_PID

PG_BACKEND_PID is a PID of PostgreSQL backend process executing the query. It can be obtained from pid column from pg_stat_activity view or from pg_activity tool.

Root privileges are required to attach gdb to the running process.


$ psql -c "SELECT count(*) FROM generate_series(1, 200000000)" &
$ psql -p 5433 -c "SELECT pid, query FROM pg_stat_activity"
 pid  |                       query
 3587 | SELECT count(*) FROM generate_series(1, 200000000)
 3616 | SELECT pid, query FROM pg_stat_activity
(2 rows)

$ sudo python3 3587
INFO: Waiting for low-level functions to finish. This may take a while.
Query Text: SELECT count(*) FROM generate_series(1, 200000000)
Aggregate  (cost=2100000.00..2100000.01 rows=1 width=8)
  ->  Function Scan on generate_series  (cost=0.00..2000000.00 rows=200000000 width=0)
Detaching from program: /usr/lib/postgresql/12/bin/postgres, process 3587
[Inferior 1 (process 3587) detached]


  • Python 3
  • gdb >= 7.4
  • PostgreSQL debug symbols (e.g. yum install postgresql-12-debuginfo on CentOS 7, apt-get install postgresql-12-dbgsym on Ubuntu Bionic)

Installing PostgreSQL debug symbols won't affect PostgreSQL performance.

How it works

The script is based on existing auto_explain extension to PostgreSQL. Technically, it attaches gdb (GNU's debugger) to a PostgreSQL backend process, waits for low-level functions to complete, and runs internal PostgreSQL functions to obtain the query plan.


The script is distributed under the MIT license.

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