xDrip Wireless Bridge

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Note: the instructions below for soldering your DIY bridge are for the classic circuit. There also exists a newer version of the circuit. The newer xDrip2.wxl firmware will still run on the classic circuit but without the benefits of disconnecting bluetooth and setting the transmitter id via the Android app. Instructions for the new circuit can be found here in xBridge2.pdf

What is it?

  • A wireless bluetooth bridge that lets your phone pick up readings from your Dexcom transmitter which means More convenient access to your data and less bulk!!
  • Custom algorithm that thus far seems to hold its own against Dexcoms Of course, that was only a 1 time test.
  • Please note: I personally have only ever compared this to the adult version of the Dexcom Algorithm, therefore I cannot recommend it for anyone under the age of 18
  • Also note: This is experimental!
  • Also Also note: The algorithm was out of necessity rather than the point of the project, since we cant use the dexcom one I had to write my own, calibration check in mode gives you the option to use theirs! (kinda!)

What you Need

Setup Videos

3D Printables!

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