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The Aircraft mod for Factorio - Adding new planes and such.
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LICENSE Update Mar 22, 2019
changelog.txt 1.6.5 - Russian locale Mar 22, 2019

The Aircraft mod for Factorio

The Aircraft mod adds various aircraft to Factorio. Factorio is a game about building and managing factories while also defending yourself from the native population who do not like the factory pollution destroying the planet. The later stages of the game can be boring due to the constant traveling back and forth between factories. The added aircraft all have different uses:

  • The jet is very quick and can be used to commute back and forth between distant outposts
  • The cargo plane is very spacious and can be used to cargo numerous items far distances
  • The flying fortress is an attack aircraft that can easily destroy natives daring to protest the pollution
  • The gunship is a balance of the other three aircraft

I also tried to make sure that Aircraft mod is compatible with other mods. The mod supports some of the larger mods, such as Bob's mods. I also attempted to make patches for some smaller mods like Raven and Helicopters. If there are any mods that are incompatible, let me know so I can try to fix it.

Non-English translations are not maintained by me, they are generously donated by volunteers. If your language isn't translated, or there's an error, please feel free to make a pull request or a bug report.

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