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xIFr is a browser extension for viewing EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata in jpg image files. Launch it from the desktop browser's right-click context menu.

In principle xIFr a "cross-browser compatible" webextension. While it currently ain't available via Chrome Web Store, it still works with Chrome/Chromium based browsers if you install the webextension directly from your local filesystem. However the "deep search" functionality (described below) requires Firefox 63 (compatible) or newer.

To create a browser extension from this repository, simply create a zip-file with content of the WebExtension folder.


Why another Exif viewer?

Because I felt other Exif readers annoyed me or I felt they were missing something. It is probably a matter of personal preferences, but you should really check the "deep search" feature. It works sooo well - in my own very humble opinion :-)


"Deep Search" feature?

Most other Exif viewers only works if you can right-click directly on an html img element. But with "Deep Search" xIFr finds the image you want to see details about, no matter if it is below a layer, or is defined as a background-image of another element. In 99% of the times, it just works as you expect. You wont even know if you were right-clicking directly on an img element or not. This is in my opinion the most important feature distinguishing xIFr from other Exif-viewers.

Also with Deep Search, you can avoid overlayered logos and icons. By shift-clicking when selecting xIFr in browser's context-menu, you will force xIFr to look for images larger than a specified size (The size is configurable).

Deep Search is supported in Firefox 63 or newer (It requires an API feature currently only available in Firefox 63+). In other browser versions you can only launch xIFr if you are able to right-click directly on an html img element. You can get a little introduction to xIFr's features including what Deep Search does at

Dark Theme support


A handy Firefox tip!

Some websites overrides the browser's default right-click context menu. But you can usually hold down the shift key while right-clicking, to get the browser's native context menu back - and thus launch xIFr...

Would you like a full-featured version for Chrome/Chromium?

If you would like to see xIFr with "Deep Search" support in Chromium based desktop web-browsers, it might help to give issue 39507 a vote (star) in Chromium Bug tracker. The issue is a feature request for same or similar API functionality that made "Deep Search" possible in Firefox.

Chromium-based browsers are currently also lacking the feature that makes it possible to use Shift-modifier in context-menu to initiate the special "bigger image search" mode of xIFr. It looks like issue 646862 could be the fix for that. However, I could just make two menu-items in context-menus instead. So not as vital as issue 39507.

A lot of credit to...

Vital parts of xIFr, is inherited work by various people involved with development of wxIF (xIFr is a fork of wxIF) and FxIF. Without their work, xIFr wouldn't be.

Also thanks to crimx, and his "Get All Images in DOM" coding-post which was great help implementing the Deep Search feature.

Finally, to help make xIFr cross-browser compatible, browser-polyfill.js from Mozilla's webextension-polyfill project is used.


MPL 2.0 - Mozilla Public License Version 2.0

Flickr Fixr

Are you a Flickr user? Also take a look at my Flickr Fixr !