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This package comprises a tool to run the SwiftPackageIndex-Server tests in a loop, logging the run times. The purpose is to collect both information about a machine's performance as well as the tests themselves, by looking at different revisions.


❯ swift run spi-benchmark --count 2 --work-dir ~/Projects/spi-server
[0/0] Build complete!
NB: the first iteration will also build the tests if needed, which might take a moment. This time will not be added to the test run.

Running iteration: 	0 ...
Run time: 27.126
Running iteration: 	1 ...
Run time: 26.512

Revision: 2.47.9
Run Times: 27.126, 26.512

Benchmarking instructions

sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/
  • Clone @SwiftPackages at revision 2.58.12 (or whatever revision was indicated for comparison)
git clone --branch 2.58.12 --depth 1
  • Make sure building and testing works by running tests
cd SwiftPackageIndex-Server
cp .env.testing.template .env.testing
make build-front-end
make db-up-test
make test-fast
  • Clone the benchmark project
cd ..
git clone --branch 0.0.3
cd spi-benchmark
  • Run build benchmark
swift run spi-benchmark -w ../SwiftPackageIndex-Server -m build --count 20
  • Run test benchmark
swift run spi-benchmark -w ../SwiftPackageIndex-Server -m test --count 20

Note: There is an issue with Docker Desktop that only affects some machines. If you get a crash/test failure while running this command, run the benchmark with fewer iterations. For example, try running --count 5 four times to get the 20 iterations.

  • Report back system spec and the last line Run times: ...

You may now delete both folders and also remove the Docker images. Thank you! 😍


Utility to run the SPI-Server tests as a benchmark







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