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Welcome to the documentation for VoxelSniper version 7. VoxelSniper is an extremely powerful long range terrain editing tool aimed primarily at Minecraft. It is designed to be flexible and powerful while still quick and easy to use.

WARNING: VoxelSniper is still under heavy development and should not be considered stable at this time.

Table of Contents

1 What's new?
2 Getting started
3 Alright I've got it set up, now what?
    3.1 Guided Tutorials
    3.2 Quick Reference
4 Further Reading

1. What's new?

With VoxelSniper Version 7 came a total re-write and a whole host of new features, many of which may not be immediately apparent. While we'll go into these features later on but here is a quick list to wet your appetite.

  • New Brushes! And expansions to old brushes!
  • Buffered changes which get applied over a period of time, no more massive lag!
  • Minecraft Forge support (both single and multiplayer)
  • Sponge support!
  • A redo command!
  • An alias system, no more typing in massive brush names, just create personalized aliases for everything!
  • Expansion support, want to hook another plugin directly into VoxelSniper?
  • Better configuration!

Hopefully that's enough to get you interested, now lets get started!

2. Getting started

Setting up VoxelSniper in Bukkit, Forge, or Sponge is extremely simple.

1 . First you're going to want to download the latest build from the jenkins server..

At this time VoxelSniper is still under heavy development, use at your own risk.

For Bukkit

2 . In the same directory as your server jar locate the plugins directory and place your newly downloaded VoxelSniper jar inside.

For Minecraft Forge or Sponge

2 . In either your .minecraft directory (Single Player) or the server base directory (Servers) locate the mods directory and place your newly downloaded VoxelSniper jar inside.

For Everyone

3 . Now start your server or client as normal and you're good to go!

3. Alright I've got it set up, now what?

Now that you're all set up you're going to need to learn how to use the tool. To aid with this there are two paths that you can take. For people looking for a more guided path there are a series of tutorials that you can follow to guide you through all the basics. For the people who want to cut to the chase, maybe you're already familiar with a past version of VoxelSniper there is a simple Brush Documentation page with all the details in short notes.

Guided Tutorials

Quick Notes

The quick notes can be found here, and if you get stuck you can always go and look at some of the tutorials to get you back moving in no time.

Further Reading

So you've mastered the basics and are looking for a more in depth study of the workings of VoxelSniper, maybe you want to hook another plugin into it or write an entirely new expansion for it. Maybe you're looking for what those node graphs I mentioned earlier are for. Well here are the links for you!

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