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This is a Recruitee tap that produces JSON-formatted data following the Singer spec from a Recruitee API.

This tap:

For more details checkout schemas.


1. Create Config file from config.json

    "url": "",
    "company_id": "3233",
    "auth_token": "auth_token",
    "start_date": "1900-09-15T15:53:00"
  • the company id and auth token will be needed to connect to Recruitee API
  • start date will determine how far back in your data history the tap will go
    • this is only relevant for the initial run, progress afterwards will be bookmarked

2. Discover

$tap-recruitee --config config.json --discover >> catalog.json
  • Run the above to discover the data points the tap supports for each of Recruitee's endpoints (currently List-Candidates, List-Offers & List Job_Boards)

3. Select Streams

       "schema": {
            "properties": {...},
            "type": "object",
            "selected": true
        "stream": "candidate",
        "tap_stream_id": "candidate"
  • Add "selected":true within the schema object to select the stream

4.Run the tap

$tap-recruitee --config config.json --catalog catalog.json

5.Run tap with target

tap-recruitee --config config.json --catalog catalog.json | target-sample --config target-config.json

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