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🚀 These are android sample projects which are written in Kotlin. It covers video streaming, mp3 player, sqlite, location services, custom camera, o-notifications, simple compass etc.


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These are android samples projects which are written in kotlin. The project contains the following apps:

1. app(default) : Google IO 2017 Android Architecture Components Sample: Room, ViewModel(MVVM), LiveData and Lifecycle.

2. audioplayer: An audio player app which plays mp3 file and custom seek bar to seek.

3. locationmanager: An on-demand location fetching app which uses google's latest fused location provider. If using emulator then send the location from Extended Controls of Emulator.

4. sqlitedatabase: A simple sqlite database app with mock server which handles user(friend) search and logs the queries into local database. A good app to understand RxAndroid in kotlin.

5. videostreaming: A live RTSP video streaming app with custom media controls.(Better run this app on physical device)

6. customcamera: This is a MVP pattern, custom camera app with flash support. The home screen is a gridview which shows clicked photos. Dagger 2 implementation added.

7. o_notifications: This is a MVP pattern, android-O notifications. The home screen provides simple way to create notification channels and notifications. By default there are 2 notification groups “Personal” and “Business”.

8. sensors: Explore how to make a compass app using magnetic field sensor and accelerometer.

9. networking: Networking with popular networking libraries like retrofit and volley. Also recycler view with kotlin.

More to come in future :octocat: 🌟


Minimum Requirements

  • Android Studio 3.0 Canery 3
  • Kotlin compiler and runtime version 1.1.2-4
  • Android SDK Platform 26 (android-O)
  • Android sdk tools 26.0.2
  • Android sdk build-tools 26.0.0
  • Android sdk plateform-tools 26.0.0


Name Demo
Google io17 Architecture ViewModels Livedata Sample
Audio MP3 Player
Location (If using emulator then send the location from Extended Controls of Emulator)
Video Streaming (Always use device to run this App since emulator has rendering issues)
Custom Camera
Android-O Notifications
Compass (designed using accelerometer and magnetic field sensor)
Networking & Recycler view (REST calls with volley, retrofit and okhttp)