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0 - Sample
A humbling experience through web accessibility
Acceptance Testing The Dirty Details
Advanced Topics in Agile Testing
Android 4.3 and Bluetooth SMART The Sensor Games
Androids Under The Stairs Mobile Scala
Angular Directives Demystified
Ansible Crash Course
Applied Application Security
Architecting for the Cloud - The Netflix Way Added all the slides I could find Jan 13, 2014
Async on the Server
Asynchrony in Node.js, let me count the ways
Automating Front-end Workflow with Yeoman
Automating Windows Azure
Becoming an Outlier Career Reboot for the Developer Mind
Beginning Software Craftsmanship
Building Mini Killer Robots
Building decoupled polyglot applications with Vert.x
Building your own Lightsaber
Concurrent Applications in F#
Devs who grok testing
Escaping Reality With Shoes
Exploring Bytecodes
Failing Your Way to Success
Fixing the JavaScript Mess
Google Glass on Node.js
Growing Great Teams
Hadoop's Friends - A Big Data Arsenal Precompiler
Hiding in Plain Sight
How Well Do You Know Your Runtime
How to be a function programmer without being a jerk about it
Intermediate Software Craftsmanship
Intro to Frontend Tooling
Introduction to Hadoop Precompile
Introduction to the Roku SDK
Killing Zombies With Your GPU
Lessons from a Grizzled Speaker
Lets Build Skynet In An Hour
Lightning Talk - Developing Classical Music
Lightning Talk - Gary Bernhardt
Low Risk Entrepreneur
Make an Event of It
MongoDB Precompiler
More Cache for Less Cash
Navigating the Open Source Legal Waters
OOP Youre Doing it Completely Wrong
Patterns of Effective Test Setup
Performance in a Responsive World
Promises A+ - Understanding the spec through implementation
Python Through the Back Door Netflix Presentation
Real JavaScript Ninjas know how to role with WAI-ARIA
SOLID JavaScript
Scaling your Data Safely with Riak
Scary and Amazing Security Things
Secrets of Clojure Web Development
Show an Open Source Project Some Love and Start Using Travis-CI
Single-Page App Architecture
Software Defined Radio for the Pen Tester
Startup Tips and Tricks Getting a small IT shop off the ground
Surviving Support - 10 Tips for Saving Your Users and Yourself
Team Collaboration
Telescope Image Processing
Testing Web Services
The DOM is not your Application
Typescript for C# Developers
UX Antipatterns
Un-integrated Development Environment
Understanding Objective-C Inside and Out
Using NoSQL with JPA, EclipseLink and Java EE
Web Development with Python and Django
Web components past present future
What the heck is Kanban
What's in a Password
Windows Azure Mobile Services - The Perfect Partner
Windows to Web - AngularJS for XAML developers
self shouldTest iOS

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