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Alt NYU SCPS #Classwork & Final Class Project

  • hw# folders are NYU JavaScript class home work assigments.

NYU JavaScript Class Final Project

The final project for our class is to redo our professor's web site. I've used a theme that I believe caters to the young demographics of his audience. The aesthetics is simple and modern with a splash of colors for fun. Although the site is not responsive, I've utilized circular portrait and buttons which give it mobile design cues. For best results, please view it on Chrome.

The existing site lacks any adornment or embellishment other than some accordion menus. I've made the information more visually appealing and easier to get to. The site also includes:

  • jQuery for fading the title and bio description on the splash page

  • CSS3 transitions for the large buttons on the splash page

  • jQuery for the chart fading on the evaluations page

  • JavaScript for the form validation on the feedback page

  • jQuery and CSS for the modals on the javascript course page

This project was presented on Aug. 14th during class. You can see the site deployed on Heroku: Sam Sultan