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RF +1 App (react version)

The react version of the RF+1 app.

Technologies used:

  • React-native
  • Redux
  • Immutable.js
  • Facebook's SDK


Running the simulators

For iOS use

react-native run-ios

and for Android use

react-native run-android

Compling SVG images

First inkscape is needed. Either download it or install via homebrew and cask

brew cask install inkscape

and imagemagick

brew install imagemagick

then finally, run make in graphics

cd graphics

and the images should be created.


Basically the following should be enough, but in any case, the rest of the dependencies are listed here as well.

npm -i install
rnpm install react-native-fbsdk

Installing redux

Install redux

npm install --save redux

and react bindings along with dev tools

npm install --save react-redux
npm install --save-dev redux-devtools

and for routing

npm install --save react-router
npm install --save react-native-router-flux

Installing immutable.js

npm install --save immutable

Adding persistence

npm install --save redux-persist

Setting up Facebook SDK for Facebook login

For the JavaScript packages install rnpm

npm install -g rnpm

and then install the react-native-fbsdk with

rnpm install react-native-fbsdk

Then you need to configure the projects iOS and Android projects by following
the react-native-fbsdk configuration guide (already done, but if something is missing this might be the place to start).

Setting up the Android project

Open the /android folder in Android Studio as an existing Android Studio project. This will run gradle and setup the project and make sure you have the correct dependencies (for example build-tools etc).

Setting up the iOS project

Open the /ios/PlusOne.xcodeproj project with xCode.

Complains about missing module with graphics

Related to Only fix that worked for me, personally, was to rebuild in Xcode.


The Roskilde Festival +1 iOS/Android App



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