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Basic CMake project for STM32

This is a basic development setup for the microcontroller STM32L011F4 with CMake.

This project was targeted for macOS X platform though other platforms should not be hard to add.



Minimal version is 3.12. If you have any problems with it - upgrade your CMake already it's 2020.

Toolchain - arm-none-eabi-gcc

The toolchain provided by ArmMbed. I'll be using this formulae for homebrew

brew tap ArmMbed/homebrew-formulae
brew install arm-none-eabi-gcc

Hardware debugger - STLINK-V3

The debugging probe and programmer - STLINK-V3

Debugging - openocd

For interacting with tool I will be using OpenOCD instead of their IDE and tools that repel me.

IDE - Visual Studio Code

Instead of IDE I will be using VSCode because it is a simple, versatile, and reliable tool.

VSCode extensions

I will be using a couple of extensions for the IDE:


Huge thanks to geokon for his article on the topic Bluepill: a GCC/CMake build environment .. that really helped me get this going.