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  1. flutter-frost-transition-example flutter-frost-transition-example Public

    Dart 17

  2. cpn cpn Public

    Cloud Push Notifications

    Java 10 9

  3. ghosthands ghosthands Public

    Ghosthands is an input module for Unity and Oculus Touch. It allows you to use the Unity Event System to send events to GameObjects using your controllers.

    C# 6 1

  4. unity-vr-scene-loader-demo unity-vr-scene-loader-demo Public

    This is a demo project for a fade screen effect and a scene loader for Unity. It can be used to create smooth transition between scenes for VR and compensate the loss of head tracking.

    C# 6

  5. swipe-cards swipe-cards Public

    Flutter library

    Dart 6 2

  6. android-chips android-chips Public

    Java 5 5


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